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In India, the area under cultivated fodder crops is only 4.4 % of the gross cropped area. At present, the country faces a net deficit of 61.1 % green fodder, 21.9 % dry crop residues and 64 % feeds. The total livestock population of 485 million heads, which is about 15% of the world's livestock and is having 16 % of human population to be sustained on approximately 2 % of total geographical areas of the world. The available land is being used for arable farming and food production so there is a tremendous pressure on the availability of feed and fodder. The total cultivated fodder cropped area in India was 8.265 million hectares and among forage crops, lucerne or Alfalfa is being grown in 1.0 million hectare and its green fodder productivity was 60-130 tonnes per hectare.

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Lucerne Seeds


"Lucerne Alamdar-1" is annual type and is very popular amongst the farmers due to vigorous growth, erect, green stem color, green foliage, large oblong leaf, semi hollow stem, medium stem girth, purple flower, tall plant height and more tillers per plant.

"Lucerne Alamdar-51" is perennial variety which can be grown for three years. This variety is characterized by deep root system, suitable in high temperature ranges from 45-48 C, dry and salt affected areas, better plant height and having more numbers of tillers per plant. The first cut of this variety comes after 45 days of sowing and subsequent cuts are taken after 18-22 days depending upon the season. The average green forage yield is 130 to 150 tonnes per hectare in a period of twelve months whereas average yield over three years is 110 to 120 tonnes per year per hectare while total yield of three years is 330 to 375 tonnes per hectare.

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"Cluster bean Alamdar-110"
Alamdar cluster bean is a non-branching single culm erect plant type variety highly suitable for the semi arid tropic conditions. Pod bearing from the first inter-node and in bunches .Pods are long, green and smooth. Flowers begin at 30 days. First picking can be done at 40-45 days after sowing. Production can be obtained in summer and monsoon except in cold season. The average green pod production is 10-15 tonnes per hectare.

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